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"This is the jacket that I wore in WrestleMania 25, and that was my very first WrestleMania, I want you to have this. - My ring gear is very special, every single thing that I’ve worn in the ring has a story, but you know what? This jacket doesn’t mean anything in my closet, it means more for Lexi to have it, and it’ll be something that I can remember forever and she’ll have it for the rest of her life, too."
- Natalya grants her first wish

Yeah, tell me wrestling sucks. I dare you.

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All-Seeing EyeDoctor Strange #172 (September 1968)Art by Gene Colan & Tom PalmerWords by Roy Thomas 


All-Seeing Eye
Doctor Strange #172 (September 1968)
Art by Gene Colan & Tom Palmer
Words by Roy Thomas 

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